Netent Side Games

The Net Entertainment side games section is where all of their games that don’t fit into other categories are placed. For example, when you think online casino games you probably think of classics like roulette and blackjack, as well as video slots and video poker. The side game section is where any games that don’t fit into these categories is placed, and it includes a range of mini games and other games.

Netent Mini Games

Mini games are small, stripped down versions of classic games, and these mini games are usually displayed in the sidebar of a casino website, meaning that you don’t have to open up a new window or tab in order to begin playing. Net Entertainment provide versions of many classics like roulette and blackjack, and they also provide a few slot games including Mini spell, volt assault, and cash bond.

Mini games are ideal for players who perhaps are playing online poker or placing sports bets, as it means you can effectively multitask and enjoy a thrilling casino game experience while carrying out your other betting activities.

‘Other’ casino games

For any game that doesn’t fit into the traditional casino games sections, and isn’t a mini game, it will more than likely find its way into the ‘other’ casino games section.

‘Other games’ feature just the same as regular casino games, and they usually open into a full window. Some of these games include virtual simulators, bingo, and Keno.

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Virtual simulators allow you to place bets on virtual events like horse racing, football, and even hockey. Just like a real sports match, you can see the odds of which team will win before the match starts, and you simply place your selection depending on who you think what you will win – Net Entertainment also offer a range of other betting methods, like first goal-scorer, most corners in a match, and under/over betting.

Bingo is exactly as the name suggests, apart from the fact that you’re not playing alongside other players - you’re playing against the computer. The Net Entertainment bingo system is incredibly quick to load and run, and it holds a major advantage over playing in a real bingo hall or on a specific bingo site, because you don’t have to wait around for other players join the lobby, and as you’re the only player, it’s run completely on your own time.

Keno is an American-style lottery game that offers players the chance to win ludicrously large pay-outs from a relatively small stake. It’s somewhat like bingo, but in Keno you by a number of numbers from a Keno card – there are a total of 80 numbers to pick from.

You can buy as few, or as many numbers as you like, and when the Keno numbers are drawn, you will win a prize if you have picked the correct numbers. Net Entertainment also combine a jackpot feature into their Keno game, meaning players are in with a chance of winning hundreds of thousands of pounds if they’re lucky enough to hit the winning combinations!