Netent Scrath Cards

Scratch Cards often one of the first forms of gambling many of us experience, and it’s a really exciting way to spend a couple of pounds at the local shop, picking up a couple of these fun cards.

Scratch cards typically feature ludicrously large pay-outs, in part thanks to the number of players that partake in purchasing them, and although they’re really exciting, many people find it quite annoying having to buy a Scratch card, only to have to take it back to the shop in order to claim a small win.

Net Entertainment have come up with a solution to provide players around the world the chance to enjoy all of their favourite Scratch card games, in an interactive and exciting environment.

To achieve this, they developed Net Entertainment Scratch cards, and these are basically online lottery tickets that give you the chance to win huge sums of money by scratching off the scratch layer and exposing various winning symbols.

Just like Scratch cards in real life, the Net Entertainment Scratch cards online require players to match three symbols in order to win a prize, although this isn’t set in stone and some games may vary slightly.

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How They Work

The Net Entertainment Scratch cards are really simple to use, and as soon as you purchase your ticket you will have the option to scratch off the virtual scratch layer – most of the games have an auto-scratch function, which means you simply press a button and the entire Scratch card is scratched off for you.

When you win a prize, either by matching the relevant symbols or hitting one of the bonus rounds, the amount you win is automatically credited to your account, meaning that you don’t have to take a trip down to your local shop in order to claim the winnings – it’s completely automated!

Winning Probabilities

Players have a fantastic chance of winning on Net Entertainment Scratch cards, and every time you buy a card you’re in with a good chance to win!

It’s worth bearing in mind that the actual pay-outs are generally a little lower than many of the table games or slot games Net Entertainment have produced, but this is largely down to the fact that you will win a lot more regularly playing these games, and dependant on the Scratch card game you play, you can typically expect to see a win around one in three to four times.

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Scratch card jackpot games

Just like many of their slot and table-based games, Net Entertainment have incorporated a progressive jackpot feature into some of their Scratch cards. This is called the triple wins’ jackpot, and this Scratch card costs £2 per game. Every time you buy a ticket, a small amount of the price is put into the progressive jackpot.

All other players around the world who play this Scratch card are also contributing to the jackpot, so that means it rises steadily and quickly, giving you the chance to win huge sums of money from a single scratch.