Roulette Touch is a mobile version of the classic table game which has recently been released by Netent Gaming, one of the world’s largest and most well respected providers of online gaming software.

Roulette Touch is all designed around speed and looks, and is created for players to be able to enjoy a high quality gaming experience from the comfort of their mobile phone or tablet. Another reason that Net Entertainment decided to create Roulette touch, was that although almost all casino games will work on mobile devices, few of them are optimised for mobile use, and this means that players often end up lagging out and crashing their Internet browser which leads to frustration and anxious wait to see if they’ve won.

About the game

Roulette touch features exactly like a regular roulette game, and players have the ability to place bets on a wide variety of selections, including the classic red or black, odds and evens, number ranges, middle sections, and of course, the traditional lucky number pick. Roulette touch also allows players to use the neighbour bet function, and although it’s not quite as easy to access as it is on a desktop device, it’s definitely still a great feature to have.

Game software

Roulette touch is designed specifically for mobile users, and this means that Net Entertainment have developed a system to ensure that the game runs as smoothly as possible and all types of device. The gameplay runs fantastically on both android and Apple devices, although it also tends to work flawlessly on most other devices as well.

One of the great things about Roulette touch is that while it’s optimised for mobile devices, Net Entertainment haven’t skimped out on the design or quality of the game, and the high quality layout and presentation that you expect to see if you’re playing on your computer can be found in the Roulette touch mobile version.

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Roulette touch is fantastic place for any player to play Roulette, and if you’re gaming from a mobile phone or tablet, Roulette touch allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted and relaxing gaming experience without having to worry about your mobile phone or tablet crashing.

One of the only downsides of the game is that finding certain extra bets can be a little bit difficult, but once you get the hang of the navigation this becomes redundant, and you can go on to enjoy your gaming experience as you would normally.

Roulette touch is the first mobile slot game Net Entertainment released, and since then they’ve gone on to create other extremely successful and enjoyable titles.