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Robin Hood is one of the most iconic characters in history, and one that you will most likely remember from your childhood. Net Entertainment are well-known for combining popular icons of society into their online slot games, and the Robin Hood slot game is no exception.

Featuring five reels and 20 pay-lines, the Robin Hood slot allows players to stake from between 20p to £100 a spin, and it contains some really unique features which you’ll find out more about later.

The overall game design is not exactly new, but it’s presented in a way that is both enjoyable for a user and makes playing fun and uncomplicated.

You’ll see a variety of different symbols, including the low-paying ones like 10, J, K, AA, and Q, as well as some high-paying ones, including a chubby man drinking a beer, what looks to be a giant scary man, and the night in suited armour – and of course, the Robin Hood icon himself, who offers the largest pay-out in the game.

slots bonus

Game Features

There are two different bonus features during the Robin Hood game, and the first is called the shifting reels.

This is an in-game feature, and any time you get a win, you will then enter the shifting reels feature. When you have a win, the reels will all shift one place to the right, so for example, all the symbols on reel one move on to reel two.

If you’re lucky enough to win the next spin, which is free, the shifting reels will happen again, and this continues until you stop winning. During the shifting reels free spins, you will also notice at the top of the screen that there is a multiplier bar – each time the shifting reels shift, this multiplier bar will go up, and gives you the chance to get up to a 5X multiplier. This means you can win massive on your fifth spin!

The second feature is quite unique, and it’s more designed for long-term players than short-term players, as it is designed for you to collect four moneybags under each of the five reels. During gameplay, if you land a purple moneybags symbol, Robin Hood will come out and drop the money bag into the chest below the subsequent real.

When you manage to get all moneybags in one chest, you will be granted with 10 free spins, during which one of the characters will be an extra wild.

Of course, during the free spins the shifting reels still applies, so if you’re lucky enough to get a few good wins, you can keep on spinning almost indefinitely – plus, if you get 3 free spins symbols on reels 3, 4 and five, you will be granted an additional five free spins, which makes this feature one of the most lucrative yet.

Now it can take some time to collect the moneybags, but as your game progress is saved for up to one year, you can come and go as you like, knowing that if you’ve got bags waiting, you’re in with a great chance of winning.

Robin Hood Touch - Mobile Game Review

The Robin Hood slot is designed for desktop users, but mobile phone and tablet users may be able to run the slot depending on the hardware and software they use. To find out yourself, you’ll just have to see if the game runs on your device.

Pros: Shifting Wilds is a great chance for players to win multiple times in a row, and acts as a sort of ‘free spins’ in-game feature.

Cons: The lack of mobile optimisation can be a pain to some players if they want to enjoy this game on older devices.