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Everybody has heard of Dracula, and Net Entertainment’s version of the popular franchise is one of the most exciting yet strange slot games in existence today.

If features five reels in 40 different pay-lines, and offers players the chance to enjoy something new – some a little different but not usually seen in the online slot world.

When you begin playing you will instantly notice the creepy looking Dracula on the left-hand side of the screen, and his 3-D animations are so realistic, that many players actually get the spooks while laying – it’s that well-designed.

The soundtrack to the companies that regular slot fits and absolutely perfectly, and really helped to set the tone of an eerily mysterious empire that is out the blood.

You can play the Dracula slot from as little as 20p per spin, and for the high rollers – you can spin up to a whopping 200 pounder spin!

The game itself runs very fast, and the unique design of the game and the control panel gives you something a little different that you won’t typically see other slots.

slots bonus

Game Features

During any free spin, the bat feature can be triggered randomly by Dracula – this feature that she really common, and typically comes up every 4 to 5 spins – what happens, is that the cloud of bats will fly over the screen, and make a random selection of symbols into a certain specific symbol.

For example, the bats may decide to make the whole first three reels wild symbols, or they can make them the Dracula symbols – it’s completely random, and this can lead to massive wins if you get lucky.

On top of the bat feature, there is also a free spins feature which is triggered when you fill reels two and four with the Dracula and his wife symbols.

During the free spins feature you will be awarded 10 free spins, during which bats dropped onto the real every single spin almost like the bat feature, except that in the free spins feature it happens every spin and give you the chance to win big each and every time.

One other thing players like most about the Dracula slot is the frequency at which the bat bonus comes out, and it’s really easy to win big if you’re lucky enough to get a few bats in a row.

What’s more, the 3D animations during the feature rounds are designed to be unlike any other online slot, and it’s clear that Net Entertainment have created a real winner here with the Dracula game.

Dracula Touch - Mobile Game Review

The Dracula slot runs really well on mobile devices, with the only thing some users notice being that the Dracula moving 3-D image himself doesn’t render quite as well on a mobile.

This makes no difference to the overall gameplay, and the slot reels themselves function smoothly and fast, and you won’t see any lag or interference while playing – in fact, the bonus rounds feature perfectly fine, and you can enjoy the Dracula slot on any mobile phone or tablet that supports internet usage!

Pros: The Dracula bat feature comes out a LOT, meaning you are given a great chance to win, every spin.

Cons: Due to the complex nature of the 3D graphics, the game can run slower on older devices.