Netent Live Casino

With more and more players trying to recapture a real-life gaming experience from the comfort of their own home, live casinos have shot up in popularity, and almost all online casino websites now offer players the chance to enjoy all their favourite games through a live casino feature.

Live Casino means that players can enjoy all their favourite casino games on the computer, but instead of playing in a graphically artificial environment, players play against real live dealers who are streamed via video link to the player’s computer.

Netent live dealers then carry out actions such as spinning the roulette wheel, or drawing a card on blackjack table in line with the game rules, and players place a bet simply by clicking on preselected boxes on the page.

Net Entertainment & Live Casinos

With so many players wanting to enjoy live casino games during their online gaming experience, it wasn’t long before Net Entertainment cottoned on to the craze, and they made it clear that they were going to develop and launch the most reliable and effective live casino software to date.

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Using a team of hundreds of developers, Net Entertainment have managed to create a flawless system that delivers players a real-time gaming experience, with minimal lag and glitches – a feature that many websites have problems with as they use low quality software and servers to deliver the live casino experience.

Live Casino Games

Net Entertainment offer a few different games for players to enjoy in the live casino, and the most common is traditional blackjack. Net Entertainment have also developed more table games, including live Roulette, which comes in both European and French versions, as well as baccarat and three card poker – not all the live casino games are available in every casino that Net Entertainment works with, and different casinos can choose to either certain games dependent on their personal preferences.

Netent have also developed a live robotic roulette game, which means that you don’t need to wait for the dealer to spin the ball or clear chips off the table – when you place your bets, you will still see a live video stream, but instead of seeing a real-life dealer spin the wheel, there will be an automatic roulette wheel where the ball is spun automatically – this saves you a lot of time, and means you can begin playing almost as soon as you hit the table.

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As almost anything that Netent touches turns to gold, it should come as no surprise to any reader that the Net Entertainment live casino gaming experience is an incredible way for players to enjoy a real-life gaming experience from the comfort of their own home.

Their games and the software behind the games is designed to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and the entire system is streamlined so that you – the end player – can enjoy a hassle-free, enjoyable gaming experience.