Blackjack is arguably the most famous casino game in the world and it’s been around for hundreds of years, providing players the chance to enjoy a fast paced and highly rewarding game environment.

With hundreds of different versions of blackjack available, it can often be hard to know which is the right game for you, but Net Entertainment have addressed this issue by creating the ‘one game to rule them all.

HD live blackjack is a recent addition to their collection of games, and as the name suggests, it’s a live-based online casino that offers you the chance to play blackjack through an HD video stream.

Graphics and quality

Because the stream is filmed in high definition, many players think that it’s going to take longer to load and that it will require an expensive and modern computer or mobile device to run it. This simply isn’t the case, and Net Entertainment have coded the software specifically so that it runs fast and smooth on almost any device. HD Live Blackjack runs flawlessly on almost every website we tested.

When you first log on to the live blackjack room, UBL to easily select which table you want to play out, and with loads of different tables available, ranging stake sizes and dealer appearance, you are always in full control over your gaming experience.

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About the game

Net Entertainment’s HD Live Blackjack game runs like a traditional land-based casino blackjack table, and you have the option of playing one box alongside other real players. Depending on which table playing at you can stake of between 5 pounds per hand to up to £50,000 her hand, and choosing select your bet is easy – all you need to do is select the chips at the bottom of the page and place them on to the betting box – once the dealer is ready to start the hand, all bets are taken and the cars will be dealt out.

You will actually see the deal dealer deal out the cost you in real time, and they instantly appear on screen as computer animations – the way this works is that the dealers deal out slightly larger playing cards.

You then have the option to either hit, stick, split, or double, and this is achieved by clicking one of the relevant options appears on the screen.


In many live online casino games, the main problems players face is that the games themselves are very unreliable, and often glitch out. This simply isn’t the case with Net Entertainment’s games, and the HD live blackjack game renders perfectly across almost all different types of devices. You can play it absolutely fine from most mobile phones and tablets, and all you need is a working Internet connection to get started!

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Net Entertainment’s HD Live Blackjack really is revolutionising the way players enjoy live casino gaming online, and if you want to enjoy the thrills and excitement associated with true casino gaming in high-definition, then make sure you check out the link below and see the exciting features of this great game for yourself!