Blackjack Touch

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games ever played, and almost everyone has at least heard of this classic card game where you are required to try and make your cards add up to 21 in order to scoop large prizes.

Many casinos simply offer one version of Blackjack players to choose from, but Net Entertainment have gone one step further and have created a special mobile-only version of Blackjack which is called Blackjack Touch.

Blackjack Touch is optimised specifically for mobile devices, and it works on almost all mobile phones and tablet devices that have a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection. It features just like the regular Blackjack games you’d expect to see on a casino website, with the added bonus that it runs smoothly, quickly, and fast across all devices.

This is achieved by the software being virtually stripped down to make sure it runs well on mobiles, and Net Entertainment have achieved this by cutting down on some of the graphics and audio that goes alongside any other casino websites.

Now that being said, don’t think that just because Blackjack Touch is a slightly stripped down version of the popular game, it means you will be enjoying a worse experience. Blackjack Touch is specifically designed to look almost identical to other Blackjack games from Net Entertainment, and it runs just as well, meaning you won’t notice any differences aside from the fact that that it renders perfectly on your mobile device.

Players can choose to stake between £1 and up to £10,000 on the Blackjack Touch a slot game, and the actual state requirements largely depend on which casino you decide to sign up with, but in general you can play within your budget for as much as you want per hand.

slots bonus

Any winnings you manage to accumulate from playing Blackjack Touch are automatically added to your main casino balance, no matter what site you’re playing, and just because you are using a mobile device does not mean that your winnings get lost somewhere in between the mobile and desktop versions of the site.

Net Entertainment have ensured that Blackjack Touch is as easily accessible and easy to use for players as possible, and you can even bet on three hands at one time, which is virtually unheard of for mobile gaming.

Many mobile version games are small and hard to use, and that simply is not the case with Net Entertainment’s Blackjack Touch. From the moment you first open up the Blackjack Touch game on your mobile phone or tablet you will see that it looks almost identical to any other Blackjack game you play on a real computer, and you can easily select which chips you want to bet, without worrying about selecting the wrong ones.

Plus, in game actions like sticking, taking a card, doubling your bet, and splitting cards is easy thanks to the large mobile buttons which appear, and this means you will never press the wrong decision – a frustration many players have to endure when playing or less reputable casino websites.

Check out Blackjack Touch today and see why it’s one of Net Entertainment’s most popular games yet.